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Hook API SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy and quickly develop Windows System Wide API Hooking program. It helps you hooking Windows system functions or functions in 3rd applications, this means you can call your own functions instead of some Windows system APIs or functions of other appliction, intercepts Windows system or 3rd application's functions and re-writing target function to easily customize and extend System or other existing application, whether an executable, or a library. Hook API SDK can be used in VC++,VB,C++ Builder or Delphi, etc.

API Hooking is a useful technique that can be used to monitor and intercept Windows API calls used by applications, Hook API SDK using API Hooking technique to gives you the ability to intercept existing system or application's function dynamically at runtime. Hook API SDK enables a large class of innovative extensions to existing binary software or existing System functions. Hook API SDK offers a dynamic link library for intercept and re-writing Win32 functions of system or applications, No need of drivers, No need of restarting Windows, It makes you do innovative system deep-level funtions in your normal applictions easily.

Using Hook API SDK, you can do things as: monitor and control system file access, monitor and control registry access, monitor and control network access, monitor and control programs' behavior, hide program from Task Manager, hide directory and files from Explorer...

Full Version of Hook API SDK includes the Windows API Hooking Implemention Core Source Codes and some main samples listed below with VC++ / Delphi Source Codes: Encrypt Network Communication Sample - it encrypts the communication of applications that use Windows Socket; Hide Processes Sample - it hides processes from Windows Taskmanager; Filter Internet Advertising Sample - it filters ADs in IE or other network application; Message filter Sample - it filters Messages within Windows; File manager Sample - it prevents appointed files from open or execute, and hidden appointed folders or files from Windows Explorer and Command Prompt, not only these, there are some other samples ...

Download a simple demo program Here, Order Full Version Here.

New! Text-Capture SDK 1.0 Released, Text Capture SDK is a pure Delphi package of a Text Hooking DLL and a Word Capture Sample Program, Text Hooking DLL captures the text contents of any Windows and Controls by Hooking the TextOut /ExtTextOut /DrawText APIs, WordCapture program captures the text around the current mouse cursor by invoke the Text Hooking DLL, This package was entire written in Delphi, Full version includes All Delphi Source Codes of TextHook DLL and WordCapture Application. Text-Capture SDK can be uses in Delphi/BCB/VB/VC etc., and works in Win9x/NT/2000/XP/2003.

Download the trial version package Here, Order Full Version Here.

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